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These are my most favorite drawings and art. ;)


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S-s-s-Sweden Face
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hello~ I'm Kanada-san and I'm a magical unicorn. Not really. Anyway here's a bunch of questions and answers.

First off I'm founder of a Trio and a Quartet. The Bitch Ass Trio and the Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls Quartet.

The Bitch Ass Trio consists of me, :iconkarkatisthebunchie: and :iconyourworstnightmare77:
The Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls Quartet consists of me, :iconkarkatisthebunchie:, :iconsolluxistherebs:, and :iconfokron:


~:bulletred:What's your real name:bulletred:~

My real name is Kylie or Kanada.

~:bulletred:What country do you live in:bulletred:~

I live in America

~:bulletred:Do you have accounts anywhere else:bulletred:~

Yes. Yes I do. I have a Twitter, Tumblr, Skype, Transformice, Youtube,, and Facebook

~:bulletred:What are your names on those accounts:bulletred:~

kanada-san (Twitter), bazookaromania666 (Tumblr), Le Bard X Finny Fangirl (Youtube), I'mCanada11813 (, austriapiano (Transformice), and my skype changes frequently so just ask.

~:bulletred:What languages are you learning:bulletred:~

I'm currently teaching myself Japanese and Romanian seriously and I'm going to begin teaching myself Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, and Swedish. I've also tried learning French, Russian and reteaching myself German.

~:bulletred:Where were you born:bulletred:~

I was born in Velten, Germany.

~:bulletred:What are your favourite animes:bulletred:~

My favourite animes are Hetalia, Black Butler, and No. 6 however there are a lot more I've seen some of and liked.

~:bulletred:What are your favourite bands:bulletred~

Thousand Foot Krutch, My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, Bowling For Soup, Green Day, Skillet, Simple Plan, Three Days Grace, and Good Charlotte

~:bulletred:Favourite songs:bulletred:~

Take It Out On Me - Thousand Foot Krutch, Disenchanted - MCR, Imaginary - Evanescence, Friendly Goodbye - Bowling For Soup, American Idiot - Green Day, Comatose - Skillet, Perfect - Simple Plan, Riot - Three Days Grace, The River - Good Charlotte, Party Girl - Fight Fair, and Fix You - Coldplay

~:bulletred:Do you write fanfics:bulletred:~

Yes, but none of them appear online because they're not even good. I'm writing a RoBul one right now though.

~:bulletred:What are you good at drawing:bulletred:~

I'm good at drawing anime characters, weapons, and backgrounds

~:bulletred:Do you do commissions, requests, etc:bulletred:~

Sure if you ask

~:bulletred:What inspires you to draw:bulletred:~

Mostly songs. I draw mostly vent art

~:bulletred:Who are your OCs:bulletred:

Well I have my male self/older brother Matthew, Vienna, Berne, and Moldova

~:bulletred:There's a character for Moldova, why did you make yours:bulletred:~

Because I felt like making an older version, plus I needed a character for a ship that didn't involve Moldova being Romania's younger brother. I've stuck with the name Aleksander for him, but I've changed his last name to Ruștei instead of Lupei.

~:bulletred:Do you collect anything:bulletred:~

Yes, I actually do. I collect wallets, posters/wallscrolls, and Hetalia merchandise

~:bulletred:Who do you cosplay as:bulletred:~

I cosplay as Grell and Romania.

~:bulletred:Do you plan on cosplaying as anyone else:bulletred:~

Yes. I'm working on saving money for a Sweden cosplay, a Finland cosplay, and a Pirate-y looking Austria cosplay.

~:bulletred:Favourite tv shows:bulletred:~

Whose Line Is It Anyway, Big Brother, and American Ninja Warrior

~:bulletred:Why do you make typing mistakes and talk with an accent:bulletred:~

If you're really this much of a git, I was raised into a German family. They spoke German for a long time. I'm still really dumb when it comes to English.

~:bulletred:I've noticed your family doesn't have much of an accent, though you say they were raised in Germany. Are you lying:bulletred:~

No. I'm not lying. My family actually moved here from Switzerland before WWII. They lived here and then my dad got a job in Germany while on my mom's side she got a job in Austria. She was then moved to Germany and they met there and ended up having me. So yes. I wasn't lying but I wasn't telling the truth. The majority of my family lived in America for a long time


Stamps on Stamps on Stamps, да

A whole shit ton of stamps about me. If you have the time to look at them all I will give you a goddamn cookie for your troubles.

Bad Mood Stamps Smiling by stamps-clubRickroll Stamp by stamps-clubDA Stamps: I can.. by eleoyashaSTAMPS ARE FOR JERKS by heysawbonesDONT FAV - Stamp Not Enough Sl by stamps-clubSTAMP: Asexual by MottenfestAce Stamp 10 by RJDaae.Stamp. Stamps Collect You by KillMePleaseGodStamps - MindFuck by LitaOliveiraCensorship button, gaiz. by Caution-LowCeilingStamp: Censorship Fail by RottedStampsPolite does not equal Friend by Magic92I don't get the hype. by Caution-LowCeilingYeah I swear by AssClownFishStamp: It Isn't by RottedStampsNo Babies by anastasia-blackUp the Shut Fuck. by Rocky-VermillionTrollin ain't bullying by ARTic-WeatherKeep it to yourself plz k thanks by Caution-LowCeilingMAH CHILD IZ SPESHUL by Its-An-InfernoStamp: Dear Canonfags by RottedStampsSarcasm is Better by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeNote Stamp by SoVeryUnofficialoops by x-nautsStamp RQ: Sweden is Gay by Riza-Izumi


Romanian Beginner Level Stamp by Hiyono-chan1209USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designJP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-designSpanish lang3 by Faeth-designFrench 3 by Faeth-designFinnish Language Level-Beginners by animefan046Estonian Language Level-Beginners by animefan046Language Level Beginnner- Lithuanian by TabeaBDRussian 3 by Faeth-designStamp: German Language Intermediate by MafiaVampIcelandic Language Level-Beginners by animefan046Language Level Danish 2 by RoxyPawSwedish Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-designItalian language level by kailafoxxplzNorwegian Language Level-Beginners by animefan046

Prussian Language Level by Burning-Sapphire

Also a beginner in Bulgarian but there wasn't a stamp for that


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Should I do more Hetalia gore drawings (Like Finland) 

3 deviants said YES! MY GOD YES! (Please comment a character)
3 deviants said Yes! But I don't know a character. Figure it out yourself dumbass
1 deviant said -comments random character for reasons unknown to why I didn't pick the first option-
No deviants said No! Gore is disgusting! You should see help for drawing it, bitch (Really...)
No deviants said No. Just no.


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